The Engineering Department is back!

In summer 2012, a motivated team of members began Engineering activity with a Firefly chat for Outpost10F. Inspired by the renewed interest in building the Outpost, the Executive re-opened Engineering. Firefly was put on the backburner that winter, as a team of engineers worked on our Game of Thrones themed chat. King's Landing launched on April 6th 2013 with much fanfare and celebration.

Currently, Engineering is working on cleaning up the Outpost as it currently exists, fixing broken links and updating outdated information. We have a long list of updates to be made and ideas for future projects.

In early 2015, Engineering teamed up with InDev to launch the new homepage! Currently we're working on a few lovely tweaks to make it even more amazing than it is, and then on to the next project!


Make it so!




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